Photo of the view from Gallin Farms Farmstay
Sue McAuley - Gallin Farm Alpacas

My Story

I am Sue McAuley and my love affair with the Wairarapa began in 2006 when I purchased an amazing 36-acre property just north of Masterton. 

Alpaca herd - Gallin Farm Alpacas

My journey with alpacas began in 2010 when I purchased two females with cria at foot and their two wether cousins.  I decided that these fascinating animals would be light on the land and would be easy for one person to handle. 

After working with and breeding alpacas for 13 years I have decided to call it a day. It has been fun and my breeding efforts finally started producing lustrous fine black fleece. The Farmstay allowed me to showcase my alpacas to many international visitors who seemed fascinated with the animals. From almost 40 animals I am now down to just 2 stud males who are waiting for a buyer. The Farmstay has closed and I am now onto my next projects – photography and painting.

Alpaca blacks- Gallin Farm Alpacas